Conditions of Sale

Tecnoricambi Srl operates following a well-established process from receipt of the request, whether by telephone, email or fax, up to invoicing using the latest generation electronic tools, to always be able to offer to the customer a quality and speedy service. Everything is perfectly traceable.

In order to be able to act according to our standards and ensure that these general conditions of sale form an integral part of all contracts for the supply and sale of materials, we also need the collaboration of our customers, especially with regard to the following points:

  1. ORDERS: even if they are placed by telephone, verbally and by mail or fax, the Customer must in any case forward each order also in writing, reporting all useful information for the purpose of identifying the requested product (description, reference number, code product, quantity)
  2. COMPLAINTS FOR DAMAGED OR UNINTACT PACKAGESPlease note that in case of receiving damaged packages, you must duly report upon receipt, writing on Tecnoricambi document or courier bulletin and on its tablet or bordereau ARRIVED DAMAGED PACKAGE - BROKEN - BROKEN GLASS - MISSING - ETC... Also sending photos as documentation within 3 days of receipt. Without this kind of reporting, we can't refund the damage and in any case we do not accept any complaint after 8 days of delivery.
  3. DISPUTES AND RETURNS: At the time of delivery, the Purchaser must check the goods received and report any faults and/or defects and/or discrepancies in writing to Tecnoricambi Srl no later than 8 days from delivery.Should hidden defects be found, the Purchaser must notify them to Tecnoricambi Srl in writing no later than 8 days from the discovery.Any other complaint method, especially the oral one, will not be effective. Returns of goods due to an incorrect order by the Purchaser may be made within 8 days of delivery exclusively following prior written authorization from Tecnoricambi srl, which will communicate a claim number that the Customer must report on the transport document, as, failing that, the goods will be rejected. Authorized returns must be made free port at our headquarters in Trofarello (TO) at the Customer's care and expense and must exclusively concern goods in perfect condition, bearing the identification marks of the same, as well as must be complete with accessories and placed in the packaging original. Following verification of the regularity of the return and the integrity of the material, 80% of the amount will be credited upon expiry, withholding 20% as reimbursement of commercial, administrative and repackaging expenses. In the event that the return should be necessary for facts attributable to the responsibility of Tecnoricambi S.r.l., it will be carried out at the expense of the same Seller, according to the methods indicated in the return authorization communication and with full credit of the price.
  4. EXPENSES AND RISKS: all supply contracts are governed by the application of the clause ex works (EXV) at Trofarello (TO) headquarters. Tecnoricambi Srl assumes no responsibility for the completion of customs procedures related to the export of products. The seller also declines all responsibility for problems related to the shipment of the goods, only in the event that the carrier has been appointed by her for specific customer request (free port with charge in invoice).
  5. PRICES: the prices indicated are net of VAT and, unless expressly indicated in the order confirmation, ex works Trofarello (TO) headquarters. Prices therefore do not include standard shipping and packaging costs, calculated as a flat-rate percentage. Any special or customized packaging requested by the customer will be invoiced at cost, according to specific agreements.
  6. PAYMENTS: payments must be made according to the methods indicated in the order confirmation and to the domicile of Tecnoricambi Srl. The customer may never, for any reason, suspend or refuse payment. For late payments, except for compensation for greater damages, the interest calculated at the rate established by Legislative Decree 231/2002 must be paid to the seller. The payment methods accepted by Tecnoricambi Srl are: cash on delivery, in advance upon receipt of the order confirmation, bank receipt at the end of the month (30 or 60) days, bank transfer at the end of the month (30 or 60 days). Only after direct agreements with the customer and indicated in the order confirmation, Tecnoricambi Srl will be able to agree on different payment terms. Payments to persons without a written mandate will not be recognized.
  7. DELIVERY TERMS: Unless otherwise agreed, delivery terms start from receipt of payment. Tecnoricambi Srl undertakes to deliver the products ordered within the terms indicated in the order confirmation. No compensation will also be recognized to the purchaser for delays in the preparation of the products due to force majeure or in any case beyond the control of the seller.
  8. WARRANTIES AND EXCLUSIONS: Tecnoricambi Srl guarantees the correct functioning of the products for a period of 1 year from their delivery. For the purposes of this guarantee, the Customer undertakes, under penalty of forfeiture, to report in writing to Tecnoricambi Srl any malfunction of the goods within and no later than 8 days from becoming aware of it. This warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by the Purchaser as a result of negligence in the use or non-compliant use of the goods to that for which it was intended, or caused by repairs, replacement of individual components, or by any circumstance independent of the fact of the alienator. Failures and defects deriving from normal consumption of the goods are also excluded from the guarantee. If defects of conformity of the goods are found, Tecnoricambi Srl undertakes to restore the conformity of the same through the repair or replacement of the goods or of its individual components. The sending to Tecnoricambi Srl at the headquarters in Trofarello (TO) of the defective goods to allow it to evaluate the defects complained of and, if actually found, for repair or replacement, must take place at the Purchaser's care and expense with a regular transport document which must include the authorization number. In the event of impossibility of repair or replacement, the guarantee will be limited to the return of its price. The refundability of any direct and/or indirect damage deriving from the goods supplied is expressly excluded, including, by way of example but not limited to, labor costs for disassembly and/or assembly, costs and compensation for production stops, as well as for any delays in repair or replacement. In the event that the application of this guarantee provides for the return of the goods, these must be returned, complete with accessories, to Tecnoricambi Srl at the Buyer's expense in the original packaging. If the identification signs of the product are removed, the guarantee will automatically expire. The seller also declines all responsibility for any damage to persons or things that may occur during use or due to or depending on the products supplied. Tecnoricambi Srl does not guarantee the compliance of the products with particular specifications or technical characteristics or their suitability for particular uses unless such characteristics have been agreed in writing with the customer.
  9. RETENTION OF OWNERSHIP: the products sold remain the property of Tecnoricambi Srl until full payment of the price is received.
  10. PRIVACY: Pursuant to EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (GDPR) and Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, nr 196 - "Code regarding the protection of personal data", we inform you that the acquired data will be processed by Tecnoricambi Srl exclusively for administrative, accounting and commercial purposes, using tools manual and computerized and that the Data Controller is Mr. Campaner Damiano Mario. (Form in pdf privacy format).
  11. NOTES: The use of expressions corresponding to another brand has the sole descriptive purpose aimed at indicating the destination of the product.
  12. Legislative Decree 116 of 09/03/2020

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Tecnoricambi was born in Moncalieri (TO) in 250m2 in a garage
dignified headquarter 500m2 in Cambiano (TO)
Distribution agreement Morello teeth
1000m2 headquarter extension in Cambiano (TO)
Distribution agreement ITTJabsco fuel transfer pumps
1200m2 first increase and movement to Trofarello (TO)
2000m2 definitive movement in a new building in Trofarello (TO)
Tecnoricambi S.a.S. becomes S.R.L
Tecnoricambi becomes S.P.A
Expansion of the plant by reaching a total surface of 3000 m2
Distribution agreement COMBI WEAR PARTS
Distribution Agreement for Piedmont, Liguria and Valle D’Aosta for Virgis Filter

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